Dental Night Guards in Grande Prairie

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Ensuring our teeth are protected while we sleep is an important aspect of oral health.

Many patients deal with bruxism (tooth clenching or grinding). A night guard can help stop this and allow you to sleep pain-free.

At our Grande Prairie dental clinic, we can provide night guards to anyone who needs them. Schedule an appointment with our dentist near you; we are happy to help.

Dental Night Guards in Grande Prairie

Defining Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition that refers to continual grinding or clenching of your teeth. It typically occurs while you are asleep but can manifest during the day. The former is known as sleep bruxism, and most are unaware that they do this. The latter is called awake bruxism and can happen when you’re concentrating or experiencing stress.

It can be tricky to pinpoint the precise cause of bruxism as several things cause it, including TMD, stress, an abnormal bite pattern, and certain medications.

Described below are some of the most common symptoms of bruxism:

  • Tooth wear
  • Sensitivity
  • Jaw aches
  • Headaches
  • Damaged dental prosthetics

Be sure to meet with your dentist in Grande Prairie and let them know if you’re experiencing any of these issues. They can help you acquire a customized night guard to preserve your smile.

Getting a Night Guard in Grande Prairie

Opting for a custom night guard crafted by dental experts stands out as the top selection when obtaining an oral appliance. Though it may be a bit costly, it is a smart investment for oral health because it will last several years, especially when well maintained.

First, moulds are made of your smile to capture your oral dimensions.

Lab technicians use this information to ensure your night guard fits comfortably and securely. This process takes around 2–3 weeks. You must return for a follow-up session to receive the finalized product. If you need any adjustments or have any questions, let your dentist know so they can address them swiftly.

We Can Help You Protect Your Smile

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