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Cavities are a common problem that dentists treat daily. They develop due to excess sugar and starches building up on teeth; eventually, such debris will erode the tooth’s structure, leaving behind small holes that require professional treatment.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: get dental fillings in Grande Prairie. Call the Dental Care Centre today if you have cavities and want to improve your smile. We’ll put you in touch with one of our dentists near you.

Dental Fillings in Grande Prairie

What is a Dental Filling?

As its name illustrates, a dental filling is a special material used to ‘fill in’ or seal small holes in a tooth, helping to restore its structural integrity and function. This service can be customized to meet a patient’s unique aesthetic preferences.

What Are Dental Fillings Made Of?

If you are considering to get dental fillings near you, it’s important to understand the different materials available. Silver amalgam is the most traditional option for fabricating dental fillings. It consists of a combination of silver, copper, tin, and zinc. This filling is long-lasting and can easily withstand biting and chewing. However, amalgam fillings are also noticeable when you open your mouth and can make patients self-conscious. Amalgam fillings are also harder than your tooth material and often lead to cracks and chips in the teeth they are fixing.

Modern dentistry has introduced alternative options that are just as reliable but blend in with your natural teeth. These include:

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM)
  • All-porcelain
  • Composite resin
  • Glass ionomer

Based on your requirements, your Grande Prairie dentist will recommend the best filling material.

The Process of Getting a Dental Fillings

Outlined below are the steps to acquiring a dental fillings near you:

  1. X-rays and a physical exam will determine whether this service suits you. If so, they’ll develop a customized treatment plan.
  2. Local anesthesia is provided to numb the area around the tooth. As a result, you won’t feel any sensitivity or pain.
  3. The decay is cleared away using a drill or laser.
  4. The space left behind will be closed and shaped to accommodate the filling. Next, the material that’s been chosen is used to close the area. If you’re getting a composite filling, it’s cured with a special light.
  5. Your tooth is polished, and your dentist will check that everything is ready. Let them know if you have any questions before you go.

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