Dental Crowns in Grande Prairie

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Do you need a dental crown to protect a newly treated or vulnerable tooth? Visit us at the Dental Care Centre! Every member of our passionate dental team is at your service and will ensure your smile is restored to its original function and aesthetic. We will tailor the crown to your unique dimensions so it fits perfectly.

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Dental Crowns in Grande Prairie

Why You May Need Dental Crowns?

Think of a crown like a shield for your teeth: purposefully made to protect them from damage, infection, and grinding. This prosthetic is designed from porcelain and will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, you might be an ideal candidate for dental crowns in Grande Prairie:

  • Deep cracks or chips
  • Discoloration
  • An irregularly shaped tooth
  • Your tooth is severely worn down
  • A cavity is too extensive for a filling to fix it

Dental crowns are frequently integrated into other restorative processes; they are placed over teeth with a root canal and hold bridges in place, preventing wiggling. Overall, this small but mighty prosthetic ensures that your tooth regains its strength and stops subsequent injuries from happening.

Patients of all ages can acquire a dental crown; your dentist can evaluate your oral cavity physically with X-rays to determine if this is the right choice for you. They can also walk you through the treatment steps so you know what to expect the next day. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

What Happens During Treatment?

Like many restorative dental services, you must come for two or three appointments to obtain dental crowns in Grande Prairie. First, impressions are taken of your tooth; these dimensions aid the lab technicians in creating your customized crown. Local anesthesia is provided to prevent you from feeling any pain; then, any present decay is cleaned from the site. If necessary, your tooth may be filed down so the crown can fit better.

A temporary crown is given to you while you wait for the permanent one; it is applied during a follow-up session. After ensuring it meets all your requirements, your dentist will use dental cement to place it.

And that’s it! You’ll leave the clinic with a tooth that’s whole and healthy.

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