Dental Cleanings in Grande Prairie

Dental Cleanings Near You

The rule of thumb is to arrange to have your smile professionally cleaned by a dentist near you 2–4 times a year. Most people are familiar with this, but what is the reason behind it?

The answer is simple: to stay on top of any issues that have arisen so they can be treated readily. These appointments also prevent other problems from occurring by educating patients on preventative strategies to be done at home.

If you need a dental cleaning in Grande Prairie, please call our community dental clinic.

Dental Cleanings in Grande Prairie

What a Cleaning Can Address

Dental cleaning is a standard, pain-free process that removes plaque and tartar from the surface of and between your teeth and gums. It is essential, as removing any buildup prevents cavities and infections from developing. Your breath will be fresher, and after the brushing and flossing that takes place, your smile will look much brighter than before.

More serious conditions that can be avoided include gingivitis, advanced periodontal disease, bleeding gums and, in extreme cases, bone deterioration and tooth loss. Patients of every age should visit their dentist in Grande Prairie.

Before being cleaned, your smile and mouth will be thoroughly inspected physically and with X-rays. These measures help the dentist see how your oral structures are faring below the surface and make accurate treatment recommendations.

Steps of a Dental Cleaning

A typical dental cleaning lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

The first step is scaling; bacteria and other unhealthy debris are gently scraped from your smile. If toothpaste that’s gritty in texture scrubs away any lingering particles, then your dentist will floss for you. You’ll get the chance to spit and rinse as well. The final step is fluoride application. This natural mineral is a wonderful defence mechanism against cavities. It is spread across your teeth and sits there for one minute. You can spit and rinse again to ensure all the fluoride is gone before you go.

Your dentist can assist you in booking a follow-up session a few months later. Should you have questions, let your dental team know right away so they can ensure you have a comfortable experience.

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